I am Marcus Merrild, a multi-disciplinary digital art director specialized in bridging the gap between creative and technical domains – and by that I mean:

"A digital art director is able to combine technical knowledge with creative expertise. S/he will establish a thorough overview of all online procedures, identify important stakeholders and build the foundation for the production of creative content that both has a commercial value and a process-optimizing effect – all done in an effort to determining and maintaining a visual red thread throughout the production of digital content. An overview of online processes and identification of stakeholders contains everything from recognizing strategy, idea generation, photoshoot direction, production of actual content, buying, merchandising and copywriting including operational aspects such as project management, briefing, deployment and testing. As a result the digital art director is responsible for taking a creative idea, conceptualize it and ensure the technical implementation. This requires the skill of being able to communicate with a variety of professions ranging from salesmen, photographers and graphic designers, to copywriters, project managers and developers. Furthermore, the digital art director will question and challenge all professions in an effort to push the limits of what is creatively possible."

I hold a Master’s degree in Information Technology from the IT-University of Copenhagen and a bachelor in Communication Design from the Copenhagen Business Academy.

I am an expert in digital design, concept development, content managing, brand marketing, storytelling, creative coding, digital innovation, project management and new media.

Want to collaborate? Get in touch: marcus.merrild@gmail.com / Download CV



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